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DarkRoom Mastering offers it’s clients a very in depth and personal touch on every project because we know what your music means to you and we take into consideration what YOU want done with YOUR tracks. We have an email address where we respond to within 24 hours. Just send us an email when you send your project to be mastered and tell us about the personal touches you want done.


Mastering is the process of taking a recording and enhancing it to its fullest potential. It’s the fine-tuning that will make your mixes sound as “big” and as “clear” as possible without compromising the original feel of your mix. This does not only help your individual track but also helps your overall album by making everything sound unified as most tracks on albums will sound considerably different because they were produced at different times using different methods. Some of your tracks may sound louder or more clean than your others. This is why it is best to have your tracks mastered.

We will make sure all your tracks are playing at the same level and have the same feel. Much like the process of queing different tracks together to play at the same volume when djing or playing a live set. When getting multiple tracks done by us you will get the consistency in loudness and feel with your music.

If you’re asking yourself, “should I get my tracks mastered?” The answer is very much YES. All music can benefit from adding a final master to your tracks. It will sound warmer, richer, and considerably louder while playing at a lower volume. Your tracks will shine through on bigger systems.

When you send us your audio for mastering, your tracks will be analyzed by an experienced engineer in our acoustically treated studio. After we get an overall impression and feeling of the existing sound balance, your project is then professionally mastered using an appropriate chain of top drawer digital equipment. Below are a few of the steps taken during the mastering process:

– Noise Reduction/De-essing – Adding Ambience
– Equalization – Peak Limiting/Compression
– Stereo Widening – Maximization

After the mastering process, your songs will not only be consistent with each other, but they will be as high in volume level as possible while preserving their proper dynamic structure. Mastering adds punch and clarity to your sound. At the same time, mastering removes unwanted frequencies and noise that can reduce the overall quality of your music, even disturb or hurt sound systems because there’s too many “loose” frequencies bouncing everywhere. You mix will sound tight and clean.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

DarkRoom Mastering provides a complete 100% complete satisfaction guarantee with every order. We provide a free preview of your master before you purchase.


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