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Stem Mastering


Stem mastering is for musicians wanting to add an extra layer of quality and dynamics to their songs by allowing the engineer to have more options when mastering your song.

By splitting your song up into groups of 5-9 stems the engineer will be able to make necessary adjustments to your song that would otherwise not be possible with a single audio file. Specifically in the kick/bass region and stereo spread of synths to make songs tight and punchy.

Stem mastering is a great option for those who want the best value without the higher cost of full mixing and mastering.

A typical stem mastering project looks like:

  • Stem 1: Kick
  • Stem 2: Basslines
  • Stem 3: Lead Synths
  • Stem 4: Drums
  • Stem 5: Vocals
  • Stem 6: Remaining Instruments

All mastering projects include:

  • 16bit & 24bit 44100/WAV Files
  • 320k/MP3
  • 1 Round of Adjustments
  • mFit Version (+ $10 USD)