Frequent Producer/Label/Distribution Bundle

Frequent Producer/Label/Distribution Bundle (20 Songs for $17.35 each)

We offer mastering services at a discount for clients who need mastering services more regularly. We have had great feedback so far from distributors and label owners who need to cut the overhead costs of releasing music, producers who have a lot of songs but have not yet had them mastered, and artists who produce songs regularly and want to save money on mastering.

How It Works

Below is a button where you will be able to purchase the bundle using a credit/debit card or your paypal account. After your purchase is completed you will automatically be sent a receipt detailing how many songs you have left to be mastered. After each song is mastered, we send you a blank invoice with your details on the songs you’ve had mastered and how many you have remaining. You do not need to have all your songs mastered at one time. You can send them one by one or over time.

Overall this is a great way to save money if you need mastering regularly or have many songs that need mastering.

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