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Have you ever wondered how some artists are able to put out new music more frequently than others? In some cases a new track every week!


You might have wondered how they are able to do this, and wished you could do the same thing. Maybe you’ve produced some songs in the past. A release here & there, but have always struggled with the time it takes to do it.


My friend Jason Timothy from MusicSoftwareTraining has created an online course to help you breakthrough your creative barriers and show you just how to Create an EP in 30 Days.


You might know Jason from his Amazon Best Seller book “The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production,” in which he writes about finishing songs fast, beating procrastination and finding your creative flow. Just search Amazon for “Music Production” and his book is #1.


That’s why I got excited when he told me he was launching his new course that demonstrates and shows you exactly how to create an EP in 30 Days.


However, this course is not for procrastinators. He is accepting only 100 students, and each student will have to follow along with the rest of the class, doing homework and applying what he teaches you along the way. At the end of the course, you will have created an EP of your own.


If you’re ready to own your relationship with music this is the ultimate course for you.


If you want to create 2 or more release quality songs in just 30 days this course is for you.


If you want to improve your workflow, and breakthrough your creative barriers that are holding you back this course is for you!


You can try this course for 7 days for just $1 (USD)!


Also, Jason will be giving this course away for free to 1 lucky producer who fills out this form.


You will also gain access to Jason’s private FB group where you will meet other students, as well as all the graduates from his previous launches.


Fill out this form.


Don’t worry, there is nothing to buy now. If you are interested in this course and would like more information, simply fill out this form. Jason will get in contact with you with more info about the course and work with you to make sure you get the most out his course.


>>> Fill out this form to gain access to his course – Create an EP in 30 Days Master Course <<<

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